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When Aerospace man meets with new materials, this enterprise has been a "unicorn" for three years

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When Aerospace man meets with new materials, this enterprise has been a "unicorn" for three years

(Summary description)

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  • Time of issue:2021-06-15
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As one of the important parts of the aircraft, the brake disc is related to the safe take-off and landing of the aircraft, which is as important as the "heart" engine and "brain" flight control of the aircraft. The landing speed of the aircraft is very fast, so it needs to rely on the thrust reverser and brake device to absorb huge kinetic energy, so that it can safely rest on the runway. When the brake disc converts most of the kinetic energy of the aircraft into heat energy, its working temperature is at least 500 ℃, and it can reach more than 1000 ℃ in emergency landing.

In the past, the use of carbon / carbon composites can meet the high temperature resistance requirements of aircraft brake discs. However, in 2006, in the southern and coastal aviation bases of China, the aircraft brake failure and run off the runway occurred from time to time. It turns out that the carbon / carbon brake disc has strong moisture absorption, which will lead to a significant decline in aircraft braking performance in wet environment. Therefore, it is urgent to develop new brake materials.

In 2014, Northwest University of technology, AVIC 514 plant and Xi'an Xinyao ceramic composite material Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Xi'an Xinyao") took the lead in developing the world's first carbon ceramic aircraft brake disc. Its unique performance of high temperature resistance, friction resistance, long service life and non attenuation of wet friction coefficient makes up for the poor adaptability of China's brake system to wet environment, At present, more than ten types of aircraft have been equipped, bringing more than 30 million yuan of revenue to the company every year.

As one of the key components of aero-engine, impeller is related to aircraft life and represents the most advanced technology in the world. Since 2017, Xi'an Xinyao has cooperated with a number of domestic aircraft engine R & D units, and its first impeller made of carbon ceramic composite is about to be installed for flight test. With the characteristics of high specific modulus, high temperature resistance, ablation resistance, oxidation resistance and long service life, Xi'an Xinyao may shine brilliantly.

△ Xi'an Xinyao

It is reported that Xi'an Xinyao, founded in March 2011, is a hard science and technology high-tech enterprise with the purpose of promoting the industrialization of "high temperature resistance, long life and oxidation resistance ceramic matrix composites and their application technology", the first prize project of national technological invention presided over by academician Zhang Litong.

In recent years, Xi'an Xinyao has undertaken a number of national major projects and key model development tasks, which strongly supports the development of China's weapons and equipment. In 2019, it was identified as Xi'an's "unicorn" growth enterprise.


Abandon shackles and forge ahead with reform

Recalling that when he just entered Xi'an Xinyao in July 2016, Wang Jiamin's words were a bit more emotional and excited.

General manager Wang Jiamin of Xi'an Xinyao

Xi'an Xinyao is a school run enterprise based on the development of School Engineering Center. It has been established for five years at that time. Due to the lack of strategic planning and market awareness, and the lack of modern enterprise management concept, it has not completely embarked on the standardized road of modern enterprise management“ Can profit be realized if there is only economic goal but no ability to improve? I'm sure it won't come true! "

The slow introduction of the project, the serious delay in delivery, and the complaints and doubts of the customers made the new general manager very anxious“ I once doubted whether there was a problem with the technology of the University, or even wavered. "

It is true that the component development of ceramic matrix composites is a difficult problem, especially the CVI deposition process has many parameters, and the consistency of the process is difficult to guarantee. If the unstable quality, long production cycle and high cost situation can not be changed, the development opportunity of ceramic composites in the new generation of equipment will be missed.

Wang Jiamin was very sensitive to quality and management. He was well aware of the problems in the management of this enterprise, but he did not give up“ If it went well at that time, I would not have come to the company. "

Wang Jiamin decided to start with quality control and ensure success and reputation with quality. He firmly followed Aerospace's "double five Zero standard" for product quality problems.

The so-called "double five return to zero standards" refers to the "accurate positioning, clear mechanism, recurrence of problems, effective measures, drawing inferences from one instance" five technical return to zero standards for quality problems, and the "clear process, clear responsibility, implementation of measures, serious treatment, and improvement of regulations" five quality problem management return to zero standards. Once there are quality problems in the production process, they should be returned to zero according to the requirements of returning to zero. Only in this way can we effectively eliminate the occurrence of repetitive problems and low-level problems.

The process of returning to zero is painful and arduous, which requires all staff to abandon the traditional working mode. But Wang Jiamin goes against the wind: "if the important products can't be returned to zero, the follow-up orders will be gone. If we don't take out Zhang Ruimin's courage to smash the refrigerator, and if we don't burn the boat, we will have no future."

This move won the support of academician Zhang Litong, chief scientist of Xi'an Xinyao, and Professor Cheng Laifei, chairman of the board of directors, as well as the understanding and trust of the company's employees“ I believe he has the strength When it comes to the general manager, academician Zhang Litong appreciates it.

After everything is ready, Wang Jiamin starts with the company's project management. By strengthening the communication with customers, we can further tap their needs, and carry out the collaborative design of structure, material, strength and process integration, so as to speed up the project introduction. In the process of continuously optimizing process, refining parameters and reducing heats, the qualified rate of products is significantly improved.

In 2016, just at the beginning of the 13th five year plan, Wang Jiamin formulated Xi'an Xinyao's 13th five year plan. In that year, he organized several important models of quality problem zero, from the establishment of rules and regulations, to the introduction of "zero defect" quality management concept, and then to standardize project management and other measures, thoroughly transformed the enterprise.

Today, Xi'an Xinyao is providing technology development, new product development, product promotion and services for military enterprises and scientific research institutes in various fields. Its ceramic matrix composite products have covered seven fields, including high-performance brake system, satellite opto mechanical structure, aerospace, aero-engine and nuclear power. Some of its products have been produced in small quantities and equipped for application.

Now it seems that Wang Jiamin made the right decision at that time.


Improve quality and efficiency, promote development through civil military integration

According to the prediction of research institutions, the global ceramic matrix composites market will grow rapidly with an annual compound growth rate of 9.65% in the 10 years from 2016 to 2026, and will reach US $7.51 billion by 2026.

From the current situation of the industry, the demand for high strength, light weight and high temperature resistant materials in the application market is growing. The development of aerospace and other new generation equipment may be the main driving force for the outbreak of the global ceramic matrix composites market.

It is reported that ceramic matrix composites belong to densification manufacturing. Compared with traditional materials, the technology is difficult, the process is complex, the preparation cycle is long, and the cost is relatively high.

"Whether it's expensive or cheap depends on the cost performance. From the perspective of the whole life cycle of ceramic matrix composites, the weight loss, high temperature resistance and long service life of the products are incomparable to those of metal materials."

Wang Jiamin believes that cost is not the factor restricting the development of ceramic matrix composites. After all, in the application field of new generation high-end equipment, quality is far more important than low price. However, in order to realize the industrialization of carbon ceramic products, reducing cost is the eternal pursuit.

As early as 2016, not long after Wang Jiamin entered the company, academician Zhang Litang asked him to reduce costs, shorten delivery time, improve quality and other issues, so that we can use the materials of Xi'an Xinyao well.

"In fact, I know very well in my heart that she hopes such good new materials can be industrialized and popularized as soon as possible, contributing to the national equipment. This is her lifelong pursuit, and it is also the goal that I am determined to achieve as soon as I join Xinyao." Wang Jiamin talked about it to the material of a big country.

Facts have proved that Wang Jiamin really did it! He adopted the project development strategy of "accurate, fast, high, low and good", which not only shortened the component cycle to half, but also made the cost of individual components of aero-engine lower than that of superalloy.

"In the past, the production cycle of large and complex components (control cabin) took 18 months, which was difficult for customers to accept. Now we can complete it in 6-8 months, medium difficulty components in 5-6 months, and general components in 3-5 months. At present, even in the development of several models of products, we are waiting for customers' metal parts!" Wang Jiamin is particularly proud of Xi'an Xinyao's achievements in cost reduction.

Since 2017, Xi'an Xinyao has been able to deliver a number of models of products with one qualified delivery and one successful flight test. In particular, on the spacecraft that has successfully returned independently recently, the thermal structural parts are all from Xi'an Xinyao. The company has won the praise of customers again, and the number of models and tasks of this enterprise has increased greatly.

Talking about the course of struggle in recent years, Wang Jiamin is unforgettable. Today, the military products of Xi'an Xinyao account for more than 90% of the total business, and the future development strategy of this enterprise is actually civil military integration.

"Through the research and development of military products, we should improve the maturity of technology and products, expand mature technology and products to commercial aerospace, photovoltaic, nuclear power, high-speed rail, heavy truck and other civilian fields, reduce the cost of civilian R & D, realize the scale of civilian products, promote the people with the army, and protect the army with the people." Wang Jiamin introduced to the material of a big country.

It can be said that the overall strength of this enterprise's layout comes from its holding the trump card of "independent and controllable". From the technology patent invented by academician Zhang Litong, the equipment independently developed by the team, to the localization of all raw materials, and even the state investment funds introduced by the enterprises, Xi'an Xinyao never thought of taking a shortcut with the help of foreign counterparts.

In addition, the successful industrialization of ceramic matrix composites is closely related to its complete industry university research chain. With the basic research and technical support of the Key Laboratory of ultra-high temperature structural composites of Northwest University of technology, and the National Engineering Research Center of ceramic matrix composite manufacturing technology approved by Xinyao company as the engineering transformation platform, and then to the industrialization of the company, any link of production, teaching and research is smooth.

"Academician Zhang is more than 80 years old and is still calling for the development and application of materials in China. She is really the pillar of a generation." When academician Zhang Litang was mentioned, Wang Jia was admired by the people.

Mutual respect and trust is the premise of all cooperation, so is the cooperation between Xi'an Xinyao and the University of technology. It is reported that in order to strengthen the cooperation between industry, University and Research Institute, Wang Jiamin has also set up a special studio for professors from the ultra high temperature laboratory of West China University of technology and experts from other institutes in the innovation building of Xi'an Xinyao high tech base.


Leading by planning and pursuing the dream of a century old enterprise

"The two words" Xinyao "are very thick together, and are destined to be the same as the century old enterprises."

△ Xi'an Xinyao high tech base

Walking into the high-tech base of Xi'an Xinyao, you will find spacious asphalt roads and tall factories. Wang Jiamin said that such a layout is only to lay a solid foundation and do a good job in hardware facilities to carry the Centennial foundation of the enterprise.

Looking back at the development process of this enterprise, Xi'an Xinyao's industrialization road is extremely difficult. Wang Jiamin defined it as "incubation period" in the company's "12th Five Year Plan". Since 2016, new standardized management, new product models, new projects and new customers have been gradually implemented, which has made the enterprise take on a new look. Therefore, he called the second Five-Year "market cultivation period".

At present, the enterprise has realized the dual base operation of Yanliang base and high-tech base, and is about to enter the third five-year growth period of "the 14th five year plan". Wang Jiamin confessed to "the material of great powers" that it is facing "the pain of happiness". Now, orders from Xi'an Xinyao are pouring in, but due to the limited capacity, the production capacity of the two bases is not enough to support customer orders.

The company has started the "14th five year plan" and will build a batch production base of 300-1000 mu in the next 5-10 years, which will become a national intelligent manufacturing industrial park for ceramic composite materials.

It is understood that Xi'an Xinyao's corporate vision is "to become a leader in the carbon ceramic industry in China and even the world.". Wang Jiamin has his own unique views on the "leader"“ It is pointed out that industry leaders should not show off their verbal quickness. Enterprises should have at least four basic elements: stronger innovation ability, stronger competition ability, stronger profitability and higher comprehensive cost performance than others. "

"It's not a spring to let one go alone. A hundred flowers bloom all over the garden. The whole ceramic composite industry can't rely on us alone. We need to be the leader of the industry and lead the industry to expand its application. This is called a leader."

He has always been strict. In fact, he has a plan. Looking to the future, in addition to improving production capacity, Xi'an Xinyao will also integrate new materials and intelligent manufacturing, develop the company into an information, intelligent and automatic intelligent enterprise integrating R & D and design, advanced manufacturing and intelligent decision-making, and become a benchmark enterprise for intelligent manufacturing of ceramic matrix composites in China.

According to Wang Jiamin, Xi'an Xinyao has successful experience and advantages in industry university research cooperation. In the future, it will build the National Engineering Research Center into an industrial Incubation Platform for national ceramic matrix composites, aiming at rapidly changing technology into products and products into industries“ Xi'an Xinyao will enter an explosive period during the 10th Five Year Plan period, forming an industrial cluster effect, driving the rapid development of the upstream and downstream industrial chain, ensuring the upgrading of the new generation of national weapons and equipment, and meeting the needs of the broad civil market.

△ Xi'an Xinyao team

There are no sunset industries, only sunset enterprises. Looking at the development prospect of ceramic matrix composites, Wang Jiamin is full of confidence: "the real composite material is the composite of functional structure and materials. With the continuous progress of science and technology, the self diagnosis, self-healing, stealth and other functions of the material itself may gradually appear."

[personal profile]

Wang Jiamin, male, graduated from mechanical design major of Kunming University of science and technology in 1990. In July of the same year, he joined 16 Aerospace institutes (7171 plant); In July 1997, he graduated from Xi'an Jiaotong University with a master's degree in engineering. From July 1997 to July 2016, he worked in 16 Aerospace institutes (7171 plant), successively engaged in R & D, design, scientific research and production, marketing, military technical transformation, strategic planning, etc. during this period, he presided over the compilation and review of four standards, including appearance quality inspection standard for model products (parts and components). Since July 2016, he has been the general manager of Xi'an Xinyao ceramic composite material Co., Ltd.

He has won many awards for scientific and technological progress and excellent papers from 16 Aerospace institutes. He has been awarded many honors such as young post expert and excellent Communist Party member. He has won three invention patents. In 2003, he was awarded master's tutor and trained many master's students. In 2013, he was recommended as the strategic management expert of Aerospace Science and technology group company.

In the face of new era, new opportunities and new challenges, he is determined to never give up the spirit of aerospace, never forget the original intention of "science and technology leading, industry serving the country", always keep in mind the enterprise mission of "contributing to national construction, creating profits for shareholders' investment, and achieving returns for employees' labor", and practice the core values of "honest responsibility, innovation and self-improvement, win-win sharing", Towards a hundred year dream!

[company introduction]

Xi'an Xinyao ceramic composite material Co., Ltd., established in March 2011, is a high-tech enterprise with the purpose of promoting the industrialization of "high temperature resistance, long life and oxidation resistance ceramic matrix composites and its application technology", the first prize project of national technological invention sponsored by academician Zhang Litong.

After nearly ten years of construction and operation, the company has formed three teams of basic research, engineering research and industrial R & D with academicians, Changjiang Scholars and outstanding youth fund winners as academic and technical leaders, which can realize the design, manufacturing, precision processing, nondestructive testing and precision measurement of ceramic matrix composite products.

At present, the company undertakes a variety of special ceramic matrix composites for weapon equipment


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